Starline professional glass and dishwashing machines are designed and built in New Zealand by Washtech, and supported by a nationwide network of experienced service technicians.

With more than 30 years of commitment to the best equipment and after sales support in the industry, Washtech is the largest manufacturer of commercial wash equipment in Australasia.

The Challenge

Washtech required a more simple and efficient supplier of the components used by the company to manufacture its commercial wash equipment.

Until working with Crighton, all parts were delivered to Washtech in bulk and on unmarked pallets. This had the company’s staff spending days at a time organising the components into a logical format for the production line.

Washtech’s Ahmed Alabid says they were sometimes faced with the scenario where, in order to start a job, they needed five of one part and three of another, but only two of the three allotments would have been supplied.

The Solution

Crighton and Washtech partnered to develop a Just-In-Time process whereby the components are delivered in kit form. This means each kit contains the necessary components and codes for the production of a machine – no sorting, or store men, necessary.

The Process

The kits consolidate the group of parts required to complete the job and delivery is organised as the jobs become due, because Crighton holds a certain amount of stock as a buffer.

“The Just-In-Time service is far more reliable. When we need something, we get it quickly. We place our orders four weeks in advance and Crighton supplies the kits in the week that we need them, complete with component drawings and codes,” says Ahmed.

Final Outcome

Washtech reports that they system works very well and has been for a number of years now.

“We are very demand orientated. It is important to be flexible according to demand, and Crighton helps us meet whatever demand we are faced with at the time,” says Ahmed.