David Fane

Director / Company Manager

Although Dave believes in targets, his real passion lies in experiencing the journey or “the bit in the middle”, as he calls it. He’s made the most of his 16-year journey at Crighton after starting as a toolmaker. He moved from the tools to purchasing support before becoming a factory manager. His current position as Sales Manager was an easy transition for him because he has always played a part in dealing with customers and supporting key accounts. Dave has a unique advantage due to the varied roles that he has filled. His experience with processes and pricing in the industry enable him to give customers a well-rounded understanding of the business. Dave says Crighton’s point of difference is the company’s flexibility, as well as their decisiveness, which means they can respond quickly to whatever challenges arise. Outside of Crighton, Dave spent a number of years playing ice hockey and participating in road cycling. He’s now a keen mountain biker.

Doug Brand

Director / Manufacturing Manager

Manufacturing Manager Doug Brand started out in the engineering field at the age of 16, and now boasts 55 years’ experience in the industry, some of it within motor manufacturing. Having seen many changes over the years in terms of technology and new innovations, he says Crighton can be summed up as a ‘smart, hardworking manufacturing company’. ”The best part of my job is making win/win deals. It’s less about number crunching and more about who and what you know.” Doug combines his interest in sailing and wine with his life and business philosophy, which is: “Enjoy it”.

Richard Tuttle

Supervisor Press / CNC / Toolroom

Richard is a problem solver who’s been building and fixing things ever since he can remember. It’s the reason why engineering at Crighton is such a good fit for him. Having started out at Crighton’s factory more than 15 years ago, the Crighton supervisor now oversees the activities of the workshop team as well as quality control and production planning. He believes Crighton has the edge because the company is agile and responds to customer needs quickly. “Crighton’s amazing turnaround times can be attributed to the company’s pride and passion; they’re values that we work hard to exemplify consistently,” says Richard. Proud to be part of a Crighton team that has practically grown up together, Richard has a strong sense of fulfilment when he sees where they’ve come from, and a sense of excitement about where they’re going.


Who are we?

Crighton is a premium, high value metals engineering company which works long term with customers to build mutually beneficial relationships that enhance business for everyone.

The business of Crighton is to help our customers be more profitable by applying creativity, ingenuity and analytical thinking – based on collaboration and experience – to turn ideas into products that are cost-efficient to manufacture, precise in performance and easy to market.

Established in 1980, the company is led by a hands-on management team of engineers who have individually worked their way up from the shop floor of Crighton to accumulate several decades of experience and service between them.

Key People

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David Fane

Director / Company Manager

Doug Brand

Director / Manufacturing Manager

Richard Tuttle

Supervisor Press / CNC / Toolroom

What we believe in

Our passion is “Smart Solutions – Healthy Profits” for all our stakeholders, including customers, staff and suppliers.

We believe in the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the human spirit, and we live our lives and our business in the spirit of ‘can do’. Anything is possible when we apply optimism, intelligence and creativity to the challenge. It is what we thrive on and it is what we apply ourselves to as individuals, as a team and as a company.

We are, in a nutshell, in the business of “solving difficult problems in original and creative ways” that help our customers be more profitable and efficient.

Why we are different

Crighton’s motto “Engineering Creativity Everyday” is less of a motto and more of a cultural statement.

As a company of men and women – most of whom have worked our way up from the shop floor – we understand better than most the nuts and bolts of our work, but we also believe that actively applying the “power of creative imagination” to our work is what sets up apart.

Our Values

We are great at solving our clients’ problems and we thrive on a challenge.

We like things to move at pace. We respond promptly and decisively. Our mood is vibrant, confident and optimistic.

We are loyal. To each other; to our clients and to our community. We make commitments and we honour them. We reward loyalty, and we all want this business to prosper.

We are rigorous in all our systems and processes. Nothing is overlooked. This ensures consistently reliable service.

We are authentic in our relationships and the service we provide. We focus on building strong and enduring relationships that are grounded on trust.

Vision Statement

Our Vision
To be the preferred supplier of creative engineering solutions.

Our Mission
To grow healthy profits for our shareholders, our customers, and the prosperity of our people by accepting the diversity of challenges put before us; to deliver excellence and to passionately pursue smart, creative solutions to practical problems – every single day.


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