Finishing Services

Crighton’s one stop shop service means the company does everything, from manufacturing to welding, powdercoating and final assembly of products.

“We are a one stop shop for clients. Our service is geared towards provided a ‘from scratch to finished product in-house’ for our customers. It’s all here, all the accountability – everything they need.” – Dave Fane, Director

Powder coating:
Crighton’s powdercoating services are environmentally friendly compared to the practice of using traditional solvent-based paints. Offering a wide variety of colours, dry powder is bonded to the metal and then baked to provide a durable finish.


  • A wide range of services from standard powder coating to ‘hightemp’ powdercoating for products required to withstand heat
  • Wet spray
  • Two pot mix
  • FBE coating (fibre bonded epoxy)
  • An inline oven – continuous line oven
  • A batch oven that can powder coat lengths up to 9metres long
  • High temp wet spray
  • High temp powder-coat


Crighton’s ‘whole package’ service means the company has the size and capability to stock and supply, including the provision of a Kanban system for customers (a scheduling system that tells us what to produce, when to produce it, and how much to produce).

For example, Crighton carries out the assembly of giant plenums (fan units) — which are installed on top of CNG containers – and also created a Just In Time  system for Washtech. The client does not need storage facilities – saving space and money on 3 store men — because Crighton supplies product in kit form directly to the client’s welding line.